Sunday, May 8, 2016

Watch Liesl Grow! - THREE MONTHS

When Liesl (Liesl Bird, Birdie, or Liesl Ann as she's known around here) had her one month "birthday," I knew I wanted to start taking monthly photos of her.  I perused the Apple app store to try to find an editing tool for labeling monthly baby pictures, and I bought one I ended up loving called "Baby Pics." I was happy to discover there were fun little doodles, other milestone "stickers" (first smiles, rolling over, teething, etc.), and weekly labels you could add to the photos as well (plus the ability to add text and type whatever you want).  So I started taking weekly photos of Liesl at five weeks in addition to the monthly ones since the app made it easy to do so.  Because I've been kind of backed up here on the blog with the move and putting our house on the market and taking care of an infant and all, I thought it would be fun just to share all the photos with you at once now that I have a little time.  That way you can see her change as you scroll through them!  She looks very much the same as she did when she was first born, but she's changed a bunch, too!  It's amazing how much less of a "baby" she seems after growing out of the newborn phase (tear), such a big girl! - I know she'll still be a baby for quite a while longer, though, and I'm so excited to keep watching her change and learn about the world around her.

Milestones so far:
  • Holding her head up
  • Smiling (she's not quite laughing yet but is SO close - we can't wait for that one!)
  • Following objects with her eyes
  • Staring at faces and responding to voices
  • Gurgling, cooing, "oohing and ahhing," squealing
  • Bearing a little weight on her legs when held
  • Rolling over
  • Bringing her hands together and to her mouth, and grabbing at our hands and at soft toys/blankets/burp cloths
  • Sleeping through the night
Liesl loves:
  • Being held and moving around (bouncing, rocking, walking)
  • Gnawing on stuffed animals, blankets, burp cloths, her fingers, and anyone else's fingers who will let her
  • Holding on to her feet
  • Rolling over
  • Talking (we talk, she makes lots of happy noises in response)
  • Listening to Mama and Daddy sing
  • Anything black and white
  • Her swing and her vibrating bouncy seat
  • Grabbing Mama's hair
  • Looking at books
  • Watching ceiling fans
  • Bath time
Liesl doesn't like:
  • Being buckled into her car seat
  • Napping for longer than 30-45 minutes during the day
  • Sitting still
  • Being on her back
  • Getting out of the bath
She's been going back and forth lately on how she feels about bottles and pacifiers.

Altogether, she is a generally happy and very easy baby - we're lucky duckies!

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