Monday, May 2, 2016

Bye-Bye Little Green House

You made us homeowners (well you made Chris a homeowner, but what's his is mine).
You were the house we came home to as husband and wife after our honeymoon.
We brought Luellen dog home to you.

We celebrated our first holidays as a married couple with you.
You were there for our first deployment.

Hank spent thousands of happy hours in your backyard.

You were there when we found out that we were expecting and that Liesl was a girl.

And you were her very first home.

For these reasons and a million others, we love you so little green house, and we're already missing you.  We hope and pray that whoever lives in you next will cherish you as we have and make you even more beautiful than you are now.


We officially closed a chapter of our lives today as we told our first home goodbye.  Although I'm sure I'll long for the sound the ceiling fan over our bed made at night and being so close by to our families and almost every other thing about our house, I'm excited for a new home and the opportunity to start over decorating and living in a new place I've never experienced.  And for raising Liesl as a little adventurer!  I'll keep you updated on our journey - we embark tomorrow night (in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, actually) from my parents' house in Burlington, NC, and our first stop will be Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday night.  Wish us luck!

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