Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Travel Update & A Little Treat

Good news! We made it past our goal of Memphis today!  When we arrived at our hotel in Memphis, we discovered that the parking situation was not as we expected.  We were nervous to leave the truck out in the open overnight in the downtown area with so many of our belongings in it.  Luckily, they were gracious enough to wave the cancellation fee, even though it was our fault for not researching their parking policy further.  We continued on down the road while the Mister's mom worked on finding us something in a little bit safer location to park the truck - and now here we are in Little Rock, Arkansas!  In a great room with lots of amenities!  Although it was a pain to drive for soooo long today (about 15 hours counting baby feeding breaks), we'll only have to drive around 6 hours tomorrow now.  Which means we may be able to go ahead and start looking at rental houses tomorrow afternoon if we're feeling up to it.  We're hoping to get an early start again.  We'll see!

On a completely different note, I've been wanting to share Liesl's newborn photos with you forever, but I wanted to wait until I'd finished writing her birth story.  Now that I finally got that done this week, I decided I'd go ahead and post them while I was here tonight!  : ) Better late than never, I guess. We had these taken a couple weeks after she was born, and I LOVE them.  It's hard to believe my babbling, kicking busybody was once this teeny tiny thing who slept most of the time.  Who knows how different she'll be in three more months!  Being this girl's mama is really the greatest.  I will cherish these photos forever and ever.

* Photos by Poppy and Peony Photography of Fayetteville, NC (the best around!)

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