Saturday, June 11, 2016

Making a (Temporary) Rental House a Home: PART ONE

Sorry for the brief hiatus!  We've been busy, busy bees cleaning, organizing, decorating, and taking care of little Liesl.  My parents drove out from NC to bring us the doggies and my car the weekend before last, so the whole gang's here now.  Hank and Luellen's presence definitely makes this house feel more like home!  During the weekend my parents were here, we were able to get a ton done as far as hanging things on the walls (including some pretty open shelves and a super cool cedar wood photo display the Mister made!) and pulling this place together.  And since then, Chris has been on quite the DIY kick - building Lulu a custom dog bed, re-purposing a few pieces of our old furniture, and covering some stencil art I hated in the kitchen.  Last Thursday, we drove to Oklahoma City and purchased a beautiful leather sectional with which we are both very much in love.  It's our first piece of "grown-up" furniture that wasn't purchased second-hand or at Target/Ikea.  Our rental house is really starting to come together and we don't have anything to complain about here other than some large spiders (an exterminator is coming Monday!) and that the backyard gets REALLY muddy when it rains (and, consequently, so do the dogs).

My plan was to take these photos in some lovely natural light, but an Oklahoma thunderstorm rolled in as soon as I got Liesl down for a nap.  So they're a little dark!

I could have moved Liesl's toys and things for these photos, but that seemed inauthentic. As you can probably tell, we've invested most of our time and effort so far in the living room.  The only item left is a rocking chair that's on its way from Ikea.  The rocker we're using right now is an older one from my great grandfather's house that we're worried we're putting too much wear and tear on - Liesl prefers to be rocked with a lot of force! : ) We'll be moving that one into the guest room for lighter use.

I had hoped to include some photos of the unfinished rooms as well (the guest room and our bedroom), but Liesl woke up before I could finish because the storm turned off her swing, so I'll have to show those to you some other time!  Chris put together the crib this evening and started our new platform bed, and those rooms should be finished soon.  I'm super excited about our new master bedroom (that I'm working a nursery area into as well)!

Thanks for checking in!  Hope you're having a great weekend!

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