Sunday, January 19, 2014

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Hiya! What a lovely Sunday it has been.

The pups and I bundled up this morning for a long walk, I finally got the Christmas decorations off the front porch (don't judge me - it rained all week last week, and I have no tolerance for cold), and it was my favorite day at the gym, leg day!  Also, I found the dogs laying like this in the sunshine streaming in through the back door.

The Mister's F-150 has been sitting in the driveway since he left almost two weeks ago, so I decided to drive it to the gym to get the engine running.  I would never drive a truck as my personal, drive-around-town car; the idea is just a little too masculine for me... But there is something about driving a big truck, especially on country roads, that makes me feel like a little bit of a badass.  Maybe one day when the Mister and I have our imaginary future farm with livestock and tons of acres, I can have my own truck to drive through our fields and haul my horse trailer. ; )

One bit of silver lining about Chris not being here is that I can eat vegetarian meals without any complaints about meat not being involved.  Tonight, I had an Amy's brand frozen vegetarian burrito and a salad from the salad bar at Lowes Foods - nom nom nom.  Although I would eat prime rib for three meals a day if it meant I could have Chris home for a night or two.  Hopefully he'll be here next week sometime.

I wanted to share a little bit of our home today.  This is the first place I've ever really gotten to decorate/furnish, as I shared rooms all through college and had limited resources after college.  Chris and I are lucky in that our style is very similar.  And since we prefer vintage, consignment furniture and decorations anyway, we've found out we can add our own touch to our home on a limited budget. The work in progress that is our first home makes me happy every day.  I thought a fun way to explore our house would be one room at a time, pointing out five favorite things in each room.

Where else to start but the kitchen?

Of course, the center of the room is our kitchen table.  It was one of the first furniture pieces we purchased as a couple, and it is still one of our favorites.  We bought it consignment from Bella's House in Burlington, NC.  Although we think it was originally supposed to be a desk, we have found it suits us very well as a table.  We love that it seats six, which comes in handy when one of our families come to visit.  The painted wicker top is different from most anything we've ever seen - the table is usually the first thing people notice when they walk in the house.  And it has two drawers!  So I have an easy place to store placemats and such that I can get to in a jiffy.

I also very much love our centerpiece, mostly just because it's simple!  The glass hurricane from Target's Threshold collection is easy to change with the seasons - mini ornaments for Christmas, little eggs for Easter.  Right now I have pistachios as filler, but for February I plan to trade them out for candy hearts and switch the candle to something that will match. Here is the hurricane on the Target website.

My brother's sweet girlfriend, Brittany, gave me this wonderful gift for Christmas.  It's a photo of my dad and me dancing at the wedding reception bordered with the lyrics to the song to which we danced (Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E.").  It is a beautiful way to remember that moment every day.

My parents made us this star-shaped Christmas card display, but I couldn't make myself put it away, since it wasn't exclusively holiday themed.  I replaced the cards with some photos and handwritten favorite quotes, and I love walking by it as I come in and out of the kitchen.  Lots of little things that make me smile in one place!

And lastly, my KEURIG, the fountain of all things good in the world... Okay maybe that's a little over the top.  If you're still holding out, not sure if it's worth the investment, let me tell you it is.  It results in so much less mess and trouble and waste.  We received ours as a wedding present, but I would totally buy it on my own now that I know the benefit of not having to get up early to make coffee and make a whole pot for my one morning cup.  Some of my favorite K-cups so far are Donut Shop Original, 8 O'Clock 100% Columbian, and Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato  You'll also notice I've been placing my vitamins beside the Keurig, to make sure I'll remember to take them in the morning.  Yes, they are gummies - they are a lot more fun to take that way, and I've heard that chewable vitamins are easier to absorb. 

I really need a retro clock/timer like this for the kitchen wall.  They have one in mint green at Cracker Barrel. I'm just waiting for a sale price...  Don't ask me why I love them so much, just do.


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