Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hi there!

Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs!

I decided to start a blog months ago...

I made a blogger account, created a template, mentally planned at least my first 15 posts -- but then I started over thinking the whole idea, and I left my empty blog floating in internet oblivion with nothing but a title and one post that simply read, "test, test, test."

After an encouraging conversation with my husband over Italian food earlier this week, I resolved to put pen to paper fingertips to keyboard today.

So here's what you need to know about us, so you'll have a little context -

  • We are newlyweds living in Sanford, North Carolina.
  • We were married on September 7, 2013 (there is a post to come with details from that day).
  • Our interests include craft beer, going to the movies, talking about and to our two dogs, weightlifting (that one's new to me, but he's got me hooked), Downton Abbey, and antiquing (we're 23 and 25, not 53 and 55, I promise).
  • He loves video games; I love yoga.  Those are two very separate hobbies.  They say you need those in a healthy marriage, right?

Chris (the Mister) is from the Spartanburg area of SC.  He attended Furman University, where he majored in History and participated in ROTC.  I'm from the small town of Burlington, NC, and graduated from NC State with a BA in English.

We met somewhat unconventionally. - A mutual friend, Molly, determined we were perfect for each other when I was finishing my senior year in Raleigh and he was stationed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.  Lucky for both of us, he had recently found out he was moving to Fort Bragg, NC, later that year.  Facebook messages led to texting, texts led to a phone call, and the phone call led to three months of Skyping every day.  Although it's not the way I imagined growing acquainted with my future husband, it was beautiful and perfect in only the way a love story can be.

Fast forward almost two years later -> we live in a little house we love and are very much enjoying building our new home and life as husband and wife.

My hope for this blog is that it will be a fun way to record parts and pieces of our little journey.  It will serve as a way to keep track of some of the things that happen from here on out.  If I am committed to posting, we can look back through and reminisce as time goes on.

There are a few driving forces behind my decision to share a bit of our life here.  Firstly, I love lifestyle blogs.  I can spend a ridiculous amount of time reading wonderful posts that other women (and men!) write about their daily lives, and I figure if I enjoy reading their stories so much that maybe someone out there may enjoy reading ours as well.  Secondly, I love to write.  I am only working part-time as a receptionist right now, and I worry that my writing, a skill that used to come easily to me because it was a part of my very existence is college, may be becoming rusty.  If I keep the motor oiled by writing here often, I can stretch my metaphorical legs and do something that I never did get to do in college - write for my own pleasure instead of because a professor said I must.  Lastly, with the adventure that is my husband's military career awaiting us, we will be moving often and to (most likely) very different places.  Even just in our move to Fort Bragg, we have left a lot of people who are important to us in different places in NC, SC, and all over.  This blog will hopefully become a way friends and family can remain a part of our lives even though we may not see or speak to them every day.

I cannot promise you yet that I know exactly what I will write about.  Perhaps I will go where fancy takes me, but I can promise you there will be stories of laughter, transition, food, alcoholic beverages, and two entertaining and exhausting puppy dogs.  Let the fun begin!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hannah, I didn't know how you and Chris met. I always thought you met at State. I didn't know you were an English major. That explains why youw rite so beautifully! I am going to try and catch up! Linda Fisher