Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks (a couple days behind!)

Wow, sorry I'm just now writing this update two days into my 33rd week!  I thought I'd have time to post it this weekend, but we had our shower Saturday night (so much fun!) and I ended up being much more worn out on Sunday than I thought I'd be.  Being tired when pregnant is so different - there's no fighting through it like I can when I'm not building another little life inside me.  If I'm tired right now I'm worthless and just have to rest.

I didn't get a side shot of the belly this past week, so I stole this Instragram photo with my friends Lizzy and Sarah at the shower.

Baby's size: To be honest, I can't remember what the fruit/vegetable size comparisons were on my What to Expect and The Bump apps last week (thanks pregnancy brain!), but I do remember that, according to the "weird-but-cute animals" theme on OviaPregnancy, she was about the size of a naked-tailed armadillo (hah!).  She should have been weighing between 3-4 pounds and measuring in at 15-19 inches long.
The Mister says that armadillos can carry the plague, so I'll admire them from afar.  They don't look especially cuddly anyway. : )
Image from natgeocreative.com

Weight gained:  As of Friday, my weight gain was at about 34 pounds (and it was still the same this morning).  That's a big jump from the week before, about three pounds.  I think that can be attributed to finding a more effective acid reflux medicine that allows me to eat a little more without feeling sick.  May have eaten a little too much over the past two weeks!  I've tried to make better choices this week (while still feeding the baby when my stomach growls, of course).

Working out: Like recent weeks, my exercise last week mostly consisted of walks with the dogs each morning.  On Thursday, I was able to take a nice, long five mile walk, which was wonderful.  Last Monday, it was raining, so I left the doggies at home and went to the gym that day to walk on the treadmill instead and do some light weightlifting.  I hate to say that it's been a few weeks since I took the time to do a barre or prenatal yoga DVD.  Barre workouts may be a thing of the past for now as my balance has really been suffering and I've had a lot of muscle soreness in my hips and upper legs.  But I would like to find the time to do prenatal yoga more often as it includes gentle stretches that make my sore joints feel much better, and I do think it'll help me during labor and delivery and recovery.

New Symptoms:  NESTING, NESTING, NESTING - can't stop, won't stop!  Our lucky and very loved little girl received a TON of gifts at the shower this weekend.  Now I'm working on trying to wash her new, tiny clothes, get organized, and find a place for everything!  Our house is relatively small, and we're pretty much out of storage, so I'm having to be creative.  Even with the generosity of our family and friends, we still have quite a bit to buy, and we have a few packages still on the way.  My neat, minimalist self is having to accept that our house is just going to have to look like a baby store exploded in it - and I'm okay with that!

A huge thank you to both of our families for the most wonderful night on Saturday!  And to everyone who came to celebrate our baby girl!

I've also started the process of packing our hospital bag (I'm hoping to post about that sometime soon).  All of a sudden, I have the urge to have everything DONE and READY.  I know I'll likely be sitting around with nothing to do in January if I have everything finished by the end of the month.  Even so, I want to be prepared if the baby were to arrive at 35 or 36 weeks, so I wouldn't have to worry about not feeling ready for our stay at the hospital and bringing our little one home on top of being concerned about the well being of an early baby.  I'm trying to make lists and complete tasks in small chunks instead of diving headfirst into baby preparation on top of Christmas shopping/wrapping and the day-to-day things I have to do around the house.  It's so easy to feel overwhelmed when I think of it all "big picture" instead of one task at a time.

My worst symptom last week (and continuing some into this week) may be a little TMI, so I'll try to explain it as politely as possible.  My stomach has been very upset; I'm not sure if it's related to my muscles tightening during Braxton Hicks contractions, the limited space available in my abdomen, or both, but I'm finding myself running to the bathroom constantly.  I have a little less trouble with this if I take it easy and stay seated, but I have too much to do to sit around all day!

Food aversions: Plain grilled chicken

Food cravings: Still dairy products!  Ice cream primarily... I'm also really craving gummies, like gummy bears and Sour Patch Kids (I bought an embarrassing amount when I went shopping for our hospital bag), but I've mostly resisted them for now because I know baby and I don't need those empty calories.

How I'm sleeping: As of last week, I was kind of alternating back and forth.  One night, I would have a rough time trying to sleep and then, the next night, I would rest well because I'd be exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.

Innie or Outie?:  Still an innie!

Feeling baby move: It's almost funny to me that the week before last I was worried she wasn't moving enough because she starts squirming as soon as I sit down for a few minutes these days.  I've noticed I can see her more than I can feel her lately - I can see her little arms and legs (but I'm not sure what is where) pushing out often but don't really feel it from the inside.  It could be I've just gotten used to the feeling of her moving so it's not as noticeable anymore.

Already, this week is different from last week, so I'll be back with a 33 week update to fill you in sometime soon!  How do we have less than seven weeks till the baby is due??  And only a week and a half till Christmas?  Hope you're enjoying the holiday season and not feeling too busy!  I'm trying to remember to stop every once in a while and appreciate Christmastime.  It's so easy to let it fly by!

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