Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our Backyard Makeover

Hello, hello!  As always, sorry I haven't been checking in here lately.  Between enjoying my time with the Mister and the holidays (when I wanted to hang out with him even more because he was on leave), I've been very distracted and scatterbrained.  But now that he has gone back to working regular hours, we're settling back into our daily schedule and feeling really normal again.

I can't believe how quickly time seems to be moving right now.  It feels like the Mister just got home a month or two ago, but he's been here since early October.  And it's almost been a month since Christmas!  My parents have always told me that once you're a "grown up," times flies by, but I'm just beginning to appreciate what they mean.  I wish I could press a "pause" button right about now.  But on the same note, the good news is that spring is truly right around the corner.  We only have one more month of real winter around here, then comes March when spring starts to make an appearance.  Lent will be here in less than a month, and Easter will be in sight.  A sure sign of this is that it is after 5:30 pm as I am typing this, and it is still LIGHT outside.

Since warmer temperatures and longer days are fast approaching, I thought it was about time I share the photos I've been promising of the backyard renovation I worked on while Chris was gone.  ALL of our family members helped with this in one way or another, but we owe a big thank you to both of our dads and my grandfather.  With my lack of knowledge and skill in the fields of masonry, carpentry, and yard work in general, it is very obvious I couldn't have pulled any of this off on my own.  Now we're just counting down the days till the season of grilling, outside beer drinking, and late nights by the fire (says the girl who was just wishing she could slow down time).


I have tons of "in progress" photos, but I'll spare you those... except for these of my dad and grandfather working on the patio together because they're my favorite.


Of course, there is always more to be done, but we are so happy with how it all came together!  We're no longer embarrassed to have guests out back (because the ground doesn't look like the surface of the moon anymore).  As I said before, we are so thankful for our family members who gave up their time to make this happen for Chris before he got home (and we're also grateful we're related to brick masons!).  We had the best welcome home party for Chris the weekend after he arrived and, even though the evening started out with rain, we were able to wrap up the night on our new patio.  It was a great inaugural backyard party, and we are chomping at the bit to have 100 more this coming spring, summer, and fall... not to mention the countless dinners just the two of us will have together out there.  Until then, I'm going to be torn between trying to enjoy winter and longing for the days the highs are above 70 degrees again.  We're still waiting on a good snow, though!

Patio paversdeck/fence stain (Olympic Tobacco Semi-Transparent), and pergola (could no longer find online) - Lowes
Chairs and lights - Walmart (for real!)
Hammock - Wayfair
Table - Handmade by my dad for our wedding : )

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