Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Office for the Christopher

Our house has three bedrooms.  One is our bedroom, one is a guest bedroom, and the third sat empty for the first year we owned our home.  We affectionately referred to it as "the office," even though we primarily used it for storage and it was a just plain empty room with a little futon. 

We entertained the idea of actually making the room a real office (with furniture!) from the time we moved in, but it wasn't until the Mister was away that I decided to put the space together before he got home.

Since the rest of the house is pretty much my domain when it comes to decorating choices, I decided to make this room specifically for him, a space in the house that I knew he would enjoy.  My mother-in-law and I painted the walls his favorite color (luckily, it's my favorite color, too), and I picked out every item with his taste in mind.

Our families and I didn't wrap this project up until the day he arrived home, but it was finished in time, and he loves it.

- Desk & lamp - consignment from Bella's House in Burlington, NC
- Desk chair & shelf - consignment form A Junkin' Ginger in Burlington, NC
- Knick-knacks & "liquor cannon" decanter - consignment from Consignment Connection in Burlington, NC
- Curtain rod & throw pillows (the orange striped pillow was on clearance when I purchased it, so it is no longer available online) - Target
- Curtains (I couldn't find these online, but the brand is Park B. Smith) - Bed, Bath, & Beyond
- Window seat/storage chest - Ross
- Futon - from my college dorm room : )
- I can't take credit for the flag.  It's a prized possession of the Mister's that he added after he arrived home.

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