Wednesday, November 12, 2014

He's home! He's home!

Wow! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to share this with you.

We had the best surprise!  The Mister arrived home to Fort Bragg, NC, very late at night on October 5th!

Notice how he was stepping on my toe.  I had no idea. : )

The weekend after, we had a really great get together at our house with our families and some of our Raleigh friends. (Sorry, I forgot to take photos that night!)

Since then, we've been settling back into "normal" life.  And normal feels AWESOME.

Normal life of course included a trip to the NC State Fair in October.  That roasted corn (dipped in melted butter, oops) was tooooo good.

We were lucky to have an "easy" deployment as far as our ability to stay in touch with one another.  Even when we couldn't Skype, we could usually Facebook message.  And now he is home in good health and grateful for his experiences.  He loves what he does, and I'm unbelievably proud of him.

On this day following Veterans Day, I have a new perspective on thankfulness for all veterans of all wars in our nation's history.  We are indebted to every single one of them in ways most of us will never completely understand (Chris hates this corny stuff, but it's true).

I'm planning to check in here soon with some details on the backyard and office renovations I did while Chris was gone.  And I have a few more ideas for future posts, too.  Here's hoping I can improve my time management skills now that Chris is here, and I can start making Hart & McKee a priority again!  We're really enjoying just "being" right now: watching too many Redbox movies, sleeping in late on the weekends, and going to the gym most nights. But I'll do my best to make time for this space as well!  Talk to you soon!

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