Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Past Few Days

Hi!  I wanted to let you know that I have been in communication with the Mister and his traveling is going just fine thus far!  Although he is not to his final destination, he is close, and the base where they have stopped has Wi-Fi, allowing us to enjoy some intermittent Facebook messaging over the past couple of days.  I am beyond ready for him to get to the base where he will be staying semi-permanently because we will be able to Skype once he is there.

We are learning how to deal with the time difference, which is pretty substantial; while I was eating dinner tonight he was leaving to get breakfast. During the walk I took with the dogs around lunchtime today, I was considering how strange it was that, while I was out in the daylight, if he walked outside he'd see the moon.  Today is yesterday there now, and it is funny how it affects our conversations.

Although Facebook messaging is not my preferred means of communication, I will take whatever I can get right now.  We have discovered the the emojis on Facebook are SO much more entertaining than the ones on our iPhones.  There are two dog emojis that look like Hank and Luellen, and some of our conversations are admittedly just finding the funniest ones we can and sending them back and forth to each other.  It's nice to know that we can continue our normal silly antics (and our bizarre obsession with our dogs) even in the current circumstances.

Ever since the Mister left (I can't believe it was only Friday, feels like it's been at least two weeks), I have had a hard time sleeping for long periods of time during the night.  I fall asleep easily but find myself waking up every hour or two, hearing every time the heat kicks on or a dog moves.  I am not sure what the exact cause is, probably nerves, but it is starting to become irritating, especially since the dogs never fail to frantically wake me up around 6:45 a.m.  This morning, I woke up with them and gave them their breakfast, and then went and crashed on the couch, hoping they'd follow my lead once their bellies were full.  Thankfully, they did.  And we slept in this ridiculous position for over an hour:

It was actually really cozy and warm, although a little crowded, and it was definitely the best sleep I've had in days.  After waking up and realizing how odd we looked squeezed on the couch, I was happy to find my iPhone beside me so I could document the moment.

In other news, I also wanted to share some photos from my little sister's high school dance team senior night on Monday.  After watching her participate on the dance teams at her middle school and high school since she was in seventh grade, it was sentimental to watch her dance at her last ever home basketball game.  It will undoubtedly be strange this fall to not spend a couple Friday nights on cold bleachers watching her dance at our hometown football stadium.  She was captain of her team this year, and she did an unbelievable job.  And it was a "proud mom moment" watching her and all the girls she's been dancing with since she was 11 years old perform one last dance together.

Sorry for the blurriness, I was far away!  There she is on the right with her boyfriend.  He had a baseball game that night, hence the eye black.

Here's another with my dad photobombing.  He's in his fire department uniform because he met us at the game from work.

And last but definitely not least, we found this awesome picture of my dad from his high school football days downstairs.  Other than the hair color, I don't think he looks that different!

Well folks, that's all I've got for tonight.  I promise I will post about more than my boring day-to-day life soon, I've just been a little distracted these past couple of weeks.  Hope everyone is doing well and had a fantastic hump day!  Chris just told me he was going to try to call me his "tonight" (which is my tomorrow morning), so I have to go to sleep now so it will be morning sooner!  : ) Goodnight!

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