Thursday, February 6, 2014

30 Things Big Sisters Really Do For Little Sisters

I'm starting to dislike these lists many people are posting on Facebook and sharing on Twitter from blogs.  At first they were pretty funny, then they were a little funny, now I feel like my entire Facebook homepage is "22 reasons this..." and "13 signs you're a..."  In some cases, it seems like people are just writing them to try to get some easy "shares" and "hits" for their blogs.  Quite a few I've read seem like they didn't have a lot of thought put into them and were kinda half-assed.  No offense to anyone who is a professional social media list maker, it's just that, like anything else in the social media world (e.g. taking pictures of your food, posting an overused meme, etc.), the lists are getting old.

With all that said, I felt like I needed to write this list when I came across one on Facebook today about "Things Every Big Sister Does for Her Little Sister."  That particular list was mostly about sharing clothes and buying alcohol, which may be the majority of some sisters' relationships, but I think there's a lot more to the big sister little sister bond.  Also, my sister told me the other day she expected a post about her since I had dedicated two whole posts to my dogs. 

So, without further ado, 30 things big sisters do for their little sisters:

(FYI - This list may ring more true for sisters with at least three or four years difference in age.)

1)  When the little sister is born, insisting on holding her and carrying her around so much that it makes your parents nervous.  This constant need for having contact with the baby is driven by the fact that it is like your Baby Born doll has come to life, which is pretty freaking awesome but also a little terrifying (in an exciting way).

2)  Happily helping with diaper changing for the same basic Baby Born reason listed above.  However, this only applies to #1 diapers.  Poo poo diapers someone, anyone, else could change.

3)  Developing the ability to sleep through the wonderful sound of baby sister crying because you have no other choice.

4)  After diapers, helping with potty training incidents, which provides black mail for the rest of both of your lives.

5)  Pinning little sister against the bathroom counter and fixing her hair when Mom is busy and someone has to keep the child from going out in public looking like that.

6)  On the same note, frequently dressing little sister because, since she is the youngest child, your parents are okay with her going out to dinner in princess dresses and Halloween costumes in mid-July.  Big sister, however, is not okay with that and, over the years, saves the family tons of embarrassment due to little sister's fashion choices.

7)  Happily playing school with little sister for hours thinking you are the kindest, best pretend teacher in all the world (which was probably no fun for little sister since she always had to be the student and do "pretend" work).

8)  When you were a preteen, babysitting little sister for free because you think it makes you seem older and more mature.  In hindsight, you realize you were duped and saved your parents thousands of dollars in babysitting fees.

9)  Remembering that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery when she uses that phrase that's "yours" or says your favorite singer is her favorite too.

10)  Having her favorite and least favorite foods, colors, etc., memorized, giving you the ability to always speak for her when your parents or other people ask questions about what she wants for dinner, what clothes to buy her, or what she wants for her birthday.

11)  Always giving into what she wants to do because you know if you don't she'll whine and make you miserable until you do.

12)  Doing her make-up for dance recitals and middle school dances, teaching her how to wield the mighty eye liner and mascara - which makes it weird when she eventually gets better at it than you and does your make up for your bridal portraits and rehearsal dinner.

13)  Showing her which of your big brother's buttons to push to make him the most angry when he's being annoying, but also the right way to talk him into taking your side on things when Mom and Dad ask for his opinion.

14)  Teaching little sister how to ask Dad to do or have things you know Mom would say "No" about, while using the right amount of "Daddy pleeeeeases" and the perfect cute tone of voice.

15)  Also teaching little sister not to take Mom for granted because it's easy not to see all the things Mom does to keep your family's lives together, but you are so much older and wiser you can impart this knowledge to little sister so she doesn't act like too much of a brat.

16) Going through puberty first in the most awkward way possible because you didn't have a sister to watch endure the painful process before you.  Because of this, little sister knows exactly what's coming and how not to act, making puberty seem like a breeze for her.

17)  In the same way, being the first daughter to have tampons, bras, and thongs, so when little sister has these womanly things in her possession, it is much less disconcerting for Dad.

18) Never probing like Mom and Dad do, but having the ability to lead little sister in conversation to whatever topic about her life you are curious about.  Then being there to talk to her about it and give her awesome, wise, big sister advice in an understanding way because you remember going through the exact same thing at her age, yet it wasn't a thousand years ago like it was for Mom and Dad. 

19)  Always being willing to pour her a glass of tea or make her a grilled cheese, even when's totally old enough to do it herself, because a part of you will always remember that she was once little and cute and that you are partially responsible for her survival.

20)  For the same reason, always giving her the last Diet Coke in the fridge or Nutrigrain bar in the cupboard, even when she wants you to take it.

21)  Letting her have your clothes and things you're tired of, thus making her way ahead of the trends.

22)  Telling her what clothes are cool at your college, which also makes her way ahead of the trends. Flashback - "I know Wallabees look weird but I promise everyone will be wearing them in a year or two."

23)  Giving her advice about what teachers/classes to take in the right order to have the best GPA and in which classes she can and can't slack off because you've already been through high school and have made all the mistakes for her.  This good advice ends in her having a significantly higher GPA than you did when she graduates, but you are okay with your parents holding this over your head since you know you are pretty much responsible for her success.

24)  Giving her similar advice about college, except now including advice on sorority rush, which kinds of boys to avoid, and what to wear when tailgating.

25)  Getting married first so she can see what parts of the preparations really matter, be your maid of honor, and learn from your mistakes in the planning process (just like puberty, high school, and college).  Then when she gets married you can return the favor and be her MOH.  So much easier than having to choose between friends!

26)  Giving her another big brother when you get married to watch her back and intimidate guys (as if they need more intimidating than your dad, brothers, uncles, and boy cousins provide).

27)  Always being a built-in best friend.

28)  Teaching her it is better to laugh at yourself than worry about whether someone is laughing at you - which means making sure she knows you will always be there to play "Don't Step in the Lava" with the living room pillows or make complete fools of yourselves in Target, no matter how old.

29)  Being unbelievably pleased and excited when she gains admission into and chooses to attend your alma mater.

30)  Being a little jealous when she turns out hotter and cooler than you ever were, but not really jealous because you are so darn proud of your protege.

To my parents, brother, and little sister - all of this is said in good fun. : ) Caroline, I'm expecting a rebuttal "Things Little Sisters do for Big Sisters."

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