Saturday, November 19, 2016

We're on the Move Again!

We said goodbye to our Lawton, OK, rental house yesterday and set out for our new home in El Paso, TX. About 8 pm last night, we made it to our first destination of Midland, TX, and we're leaving soon to finish the last leg to our new home.  It's a much shorter trip this time than it was from NC to OK!  We already have a house this time, which will also make the whole process much easier.  We'll be staying in a hotel in El Paso until our new place becomes available on Tuesday. 

While we were sad to leave behind new friends and the house where Liesl has grown from an itty baby to a little person, we're super excited to begin this next chapter of our lives and to see old friends who are already stationed at Fort Bliss.

I offer my deepest apologies for not doing a better job keeping this space updated; if you know our Liesl, you know that she's a busy girl... Spare time is a rarity for me these days, and I usually use it for sleep.  : ) She's the best, though.  I hope I can share more about her growth and little (well, big!) personality here soon.

I'll let you know when we've made it to El Paso!

The three of us at the Mister's Captains' Career Course graduation last week

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